Martin Keszler, MD and Eric Gibson, MD

In this episode, “Advances in High-Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation: The DOVE Trial,” Dr. Martin Keszler and Dr. Eric Gibson describe a new approach to the use of high frequency oscillatory ventilation.

High frequency ventilation has been recognized as an efficacious therapy in the neonatal population. There are, however, challenges in the use of this ventilation modality in extremely preterm infants. High frequency ventilation is not always within the practice scope of every neonatologist. Moreover, this mode can easily over-ventilate the extremely preterm infant and lead to dangerously low carbon dioxide levels with potentially negative long term consequences on the neonatal brain. Dr. Keszler’s work centers on the use of the The Dräger Oscillatory Ventilation Evaluation (DOVE) apparatus, which maintains consistent, appropriate tidal volumes while still providing the desired oscillatory effects. The DOVE Trial is still an early study currently aiming to provide preliminary safety and efficacy data regarding the use of this apparatus.

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