Dr. Kevin Strauss and Dr. Eric Gibson

Who are the “Plain People”? Drs. Strauss and Gibson discuss a unique medical model for providing healthcare to the Amish and Mennonite communities of Lancaster, PA.

In this episode, “Plain People and Precision Medicine,” Dr. Kevin Strauss and Dr. Eric Gibson delve into the unique healthcare needs of the Amish and Mennonite population of the Lancaster, Pennsylvania region.

The Clinic for Special Children exists as a unique medical entity that provides comprehensive medical care for Amish and Mennonite children with a high concentration of otherwise rare metabolic and genetic diseases. The clinic utilizes precise diagnostic medical technology within an otherwise isolated community in order to directly impact patient care. Dr. Strauss’s mission is to utilize specific knowledge about the health architecture of this population to provide early diagnosis of pre-symptomatic children in order to affect health outcomes, prevent disability, improve survival, and greatly reduce the costs of medical care. The clinic has developed significant expertise with diagnosing and treating over 200 genetic and metabolic disorders (such as maple syrup urine disease), which are very prevalent in the “plain population.”

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