Brett Manley, MD and Eric Gibson, MD

In this episode, “Surfactant Plus Budesonide to Prevent BPD,” Dr. Brett Manley and Dr. Eric Gibson analyze the potential for a new therapy in the prevention of bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD).

BPD remains a prevalent and challenging problem for extremely preterm infants. The use of surfactant plus intratracheal budesonide has been proven as a safe and effective therapy in the prevention of BPD in preclinical animal trials. This represents a new and potentially safer use of systemic postnatal corticosteroids, with locally targeted but minimal systemic absorption of the drug. In Taiwan, this therapy has already shown a high magnitude effect in the prevention of death and BPD in a large clinical trial. Currently, Dr. Manley is working to replicate these findings in a large, highly powered multicenter trial of extremely preterm infants who are mechanically ventilated or on non-invasive support but requiring intratracheal surfactant administration. Changes in neonatal practices will likely not only depend on effects of this therapy on pulmonary function, but also on long term neurodevelopmental outcomes.

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