Madge E. Buus-Frank, DNP, APRN-BC, FAAN and Eric Gibson, MD

What makes a successful team-based health care system? What defines successful quality improvement practices? Dr. Buus-Frank presents her experiences from recent projects.

A successful learning health care system is one in which multidisciplinary teams are aligned for continuous improvement and innovation. Furthermore, a successful team must be thought of as more than the sum of its parts. Team members must hold each other accountable, and the leader may be need to become variable depending on the specific clinical situation. Additionally, families and caregivers should be engaged in these efforts, with best practices being seamlessly embedded in the care process. Dr. Buus-Frank describes her recent success stories in a quality improvement project and highlights the notions that quality improvement is not only the act of improving individual and system-wide practices, care but also the act of improving the process of improvement.





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